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How Does A Spam Filter Work In An Efficient Manner?

spam filters workSpam filters have undoubtedly revolutionized the world of email security system. These filters are known for their exceptional features and are always appreciated for its on-time protection that secures the email server from possible malware or virus attack that might make your server vulnerable. A vulnerable email server is something that you would never want to have as this will not only lead to data theft but at the same time increase the usage of storage capacity and bandwidth to a drastic extent.

Now, while discussing the possibilities of malware or virus in spam mail with your friends or colleagues you must have come across the key tool spam filter. By now you must have realized what exactly these spam filters are but the point is how do such type of filters work and what are the criterions that they use for judging which email is a spam and which one is not a spam and perfectly safe.

Technology behind the Working of Spam Filters

Spam filters use just three key concepts for exploring whether the mail that is being directed through the email server is a spam or not. These things helps them in acknowledging the type of email that is being sent or received by the email server so that ultimately it can realize whether it needs to filter that particular email or not. Great thing is that, such filters work in an efficient manner and thus detect any sort of spam emails in just a fraction of a second. Now, let’s explore what exactly are the three concepts!

  • Where Did The Email Come From: Majority of the Anti-Spam Filter service provider holds a list of organizations or the networks that are commonly detected as spammers, when the email from such a network appears then they are immediately filtered out with the help of the best spam filters. Some organizations even have a scoring chart for their spammers where they tend to score the vitality of their spam mails and if this score increases with time then the Anti-Spam service provider starts using special precautionary steps to deal with such networks.


  • What Software Sent the Email: It is often seen that legitimate email comes from professional email addresses like Hotmail, Outlook and Eudora too. Such mailers have a special feature where the email is sent to the specified recipient along with a warning to make the addressee aware about the possible threats that might be associated with the email. But, when talking about spam then these are stipulated by software that holds the ability to send millions of emails in just a second. Some spammers even don’t want the addressee to easily locate the delivery location or address.


  • How Does The Email Look Like: Having a clear view over the body of the message can help in realizing whether the mail is a spam or not. The same factor is even accredited by spam filter that verify the body of the mail and then decide whether it should be blocked from the secured email server system or not.